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Liberty Bell Volleyball

Last Updated: 5/12/2022 4:14 PM
updated 5/12/22


 Volleyball Tryouts:

May 26th – 4:00pm – 6:00pm

May 27th – 1:00pm – 3:00pm





volleyball schedule

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In this packet you will find drills for improving your volleyball fitness. It is our hope

that each of you will spend this summer to improve and increase your

endurance, strength, quickness; as well as continue to work to improve

fundamentals and skills of the game. By doing these conditioning activities each week

and working with a volleyball, you will improve your volleyball skills and overall

conditioning which could increase your chances of being selected for the 2021 team.


“Success always comes when preparation meets opportunity.” -H.H


**The exercise times and reps are suggested starting points. Your fitness level will

determine how long you do an exercise or how many reps you can complete.

Set personal goals for yourself and continually try to increase your reps and



Take the time before each workout to do dynamic stretching. These stretches

are done as you are moving across the floor. There are descriptions of each

stretch below.

Walking Quad Stretch:

1. Start by lifting your right leg and grabbing it with your hand and pull it to your

butt in a controlled manner.

2. Hold the stretch for a couple of seconds, release your foot and return to the

ground. Then take a step and repeat with the opposite leg.

3. Continue this alternating motion for the desired repetitions.



Forward Backward Leg Swing:

1. Start by standing with your feet shoulder width apart. You can stand on a

small step or on the ground.

2. Keeping your upper body perpendicular to the ground swing one leg

forward and backward.

3. Do not swing your leg so hard that you cannot keep your upper body from


4. Repeat for the recommended repetitions and repeat with the other side.

Walking Knee Pulls

1. Do the Drill Walking

2. Go up on the Toe, and pull the knee to your chest.

3. Put the leg back on the ground take a step and repeat of the opposite leg.

Elbow instep

1. Do this drill by taking a large step forward then placing the elbow in the

instep of the foot on the same side.

2. Descend down after stepping forward reaching with the elbow. Use the

same side elbow as the leg that stepped. If you have the flexibility try to

touch the elbow to the inside of the foot.

3. After touching the foot come up to the start and repeat on the opposite leg.

Hurdle Stretch

1. Standing upright pull knee up and out as if stepping high over a hurdle.

2. After stepping “over the hurdle” with one leg, repeat with opposite leg and

continue alternating legs.



JUMP ROPE: a combination of regular, two-footed jumps; 1-footed jumps;

"running" jumps (where you are actually running in place "thru" the jump rope -

be careful that you are not skipping rope here, but actually running in place).

You can also jump rope from one place to another (end line to net) or jump

rope front and back or side to side over a line.

INTERVAL TRAINING: Interval training is an also an excellent technique for

increase anaerobic ability, while also slightly developing greater aerobic ability.

Intervals can be performed by running, on a stationary bike, or in some type of

body weight circuit.

Walk 1 min, sprint 30 seconds, repeat 5X.

Increase running time - walk 1 min, run 1 min, repeat 5X



GOING FOR THE BLOCK: Draw a line, or some other mark, on a wall equal to the

height of the net. Jump up and down quickly, with arms raised like you

attempting a block at the top of the net. Do this for a couple minutes (2-4)

keeping a fast pace. Now slow it down, by doing full jumps from a squatting

position with your backside parallel to your knees as you attempt the next jump.

PUSH UPS: 2 sets to fatigue

SQUATS WITH BODY WEIGHT: You can use an exercise ball if you have one.

Otherwise just do it stationary. Place ball behind your back and squat 2X15,

making sure your feet are far enough out so your knees don't go past your feet

AB WORK: Choose 2 (vary them) these are just suggestions

Crunches: 2X30

Stability ball crunches: 2X30

Roman twists with a ball: 2X25

Planks: 2X30 seconds working up to 2X1minute


When practicing your volleyball skills at home, concentrate on your technique.

Practice getting your hands into the right position while setting, swinging your

arms through while spiking and planting your feet while passing.


Warm Up Hands

• Quick sets against a wall for 45 seconds

• Take a step back, set against wall for 60 seconds

• Take a bigger step back and set against wall for 90 seconds

Lie Down and Set

• Lie on your back with your knees bent

• Set the volleyball to yourself quickly 100 times without pushing the ball high

• Slow down and set the ball a bit higher 100 more times


Pass to Self

• Plant your feet and lower your legs like you are passing in a live game

• Pass to yourself without moving your feet

• Pass to yourself by moving forward and backward

• Pass to yourself side-to-side by shuffling your feet

Wall Pass

• Pass forward or diagonal, using the wall to return the ball

• After getting the hang of wall passing, move into pass-set-hit against the wall

(similar to peppering with a partner)


Alternate between passing and setting to yourself


• Practice approach in an open space

• Hit against a wall

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Head Coach: Kelsey Moore

Assistant Coach: Kaylea Shelton



Name Grade
Kaliyah Black 8th
Regan Carroll 7th
Chloe Conner 7th
Mackenzie Cumbow 8th
Isabella Dau 7th
Annabelle Eanes 7th
Adalynn Higginbotham 8th
Lillian Higginbotham 6th
Amiya Irons 7th
Addison Jones 8th
Ruth Kavanaugh 8th
Abigail Kneisley 8th
Mila Lipford 8th
Ella Meeks 6th
Emma Meeks 6th
Isabel Meeks


Kyleigh Metcalf 6th
Lucy O'Daniel 6th
Maia Ross 7th
Molly Royston 6th
Catherine Scott 7th

Riley Shroyer

Emma Walters  8th